Custom Floating Docks

Custom Floating Docks

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  • 4' Wide Floating Dock Hardware Kit 4' Wide Floating Dock Hardware Kit

    4' Wide Floating Dock Hardware Kit

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    4' Floating Wood Dock Hardware Kit, hardware only. Enough hardware for a 4' wide dock. You choose the length! CWI Floats, Frame, & Lumber not included. Inlcudes 4 Corner Brackets with bars, 4 Inside Corner Brackets, 24 Plate backings, 48 Nuts, 48...
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A Custom Floating Dock designed for your waterfront

Benefits of a Floating Dock:

  • Little to no maintenance or upkeep
  • Dock moves with water height - no worrying about a flooded dock!
  • Composite wood options available, increasing the lifespan of your dock to 20+ years
  • Dock can be moved or altered throughout its life
  • You can easily attach a PWC or kayak port
  • The costs can be exponentially cheaper than a standard dock
  • Floating docks will often fit in spaces where a regular dock could not
  • Floating docks have little to no impact on their water environments
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