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Permafloat® Dock Floats are premium-quality, durable, and can be easily attached to nearly any new or existing wood, steel, or aluminum dock system. Cellofoam rotationally molds each Permafloat® with a nominal 0.150 inch thick walls using virgin polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors to make the floats extra durable to withstand damage from harsh marine environments. Permafloat® Dock Floats are filled with expanded polystyrene foam for superior buoyancy, and the rugged shell encapsulates the foam to protect the marine environment. The floats are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, and are backed by a 15-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Cellofoam was a pioneer in the encapsulation of EPS foam in docks to protect the environment. We have taken this environmentally friendly stance one step further by refusing to sell EPS foam for unencapsulated dock flotation.

Key Features

  • Rotationally molded outer shell – no seams
  • Thick mounting flanges and nominal 0.150 inch wall thickness for extra durability
  • Premium quality with extensive internal and third party quality testing
  • Meets US Army Corps of Engineers float requirements
  • Innovative FLASH DOT® reflector eases night docking
  • Nearly 50 different sizes offered

All weights, buoyancies, and dimensions are nominal and subject to manufacturing tolerances. Buoyancy numbers provided are maximum assuming complete submersion. Lower buoyancies will be achieved with less than complete submersion. Purchasers of our floats and lift tanks should engage with professional design experts to incorporate these products into their marine systems.


Cellofoam North America Inc (“Manufacturer”) warrants our encapsulated flotation, to the original owner (“Purchaser”), against cracking, peeling, sloughing, and excessive deterioration from ultraviolet rays while retaining resiliency under normal usage for a period of 15 years.The first 11 years are non-prorated. Years 12, 13, 14 and 15 are prorated at 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% of the original purchase price respectively. Defects in workmanship are warranted for a period of 1 year. Purchaser's remedy is expressly limited to repair or replacement of the defective encapsulated flotation. Determination of a product defect is solely at Manufacturer's decision. At Manufacturer's election we will repair, replace or credit Purchaser with an amount not to exceed the original purchase price or portion thereof based on the above scale of prorated coverage. Purchaser shall, within 10 days of discovery, send written notification and the original proof of purchase, to Manufacturer by registered or certified mail of any claim under this warranty. Purchaser will provide Manufacturer with an opportunity to inspect the encapsulated flotation as necessary by returning prepaid to Manufacturer's Conyers, GA plant. In no event shall Manufacturer be liable for any defective encapsulated flotation should examination reveal misuse, negligence, alteration, ice, damage, accident, improper installation, overloading, maintenance, repair or acts of God. Manufacturer makes no representation or warranty of any other kind, expressed or implied with respect to the product(s) sold hereunder as to merchantability, fitness for any purpose, or legality of use in any jurisdiction. Manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss of use, cost, fees or any liability for direct, indirect or consequential damages or delays. No other person, firm or corporation can bind Seller to any warranty other than herein above stated. The laws of the State of Georgia shall govern this limited warranty.

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