JetPort 16in HWP Mount Kit

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JetPort 16in High Water Pole Kit

Does your water rise to the top of your dock or seawall occasionally? The Florida Docks High Water Poles offer you a secure and attractive solution.

Brushed aluminum High Water Poles add additional height for your Port to float up and down when connected to a fixed dock or seawall, in the even that your water rises highter than your fixed attachment point (Typically your dock or seawall).

The bend radius allows for flexible mounting up to 12 inches away from your dock or seawall.

High Water Poles are not only attractive, but they add a convenient place to grip for climbing off and on your Port (or Floating Dock)!


Kit includes JetPort 3in pipe holder kit, lag bolts and washers. Optional Concrete attachment kit available for seawalls and concrete docks

Allows for deep water installation with the addition of a 1 1/2" schedule 40 (not included) to your seabed.

Four 3/8" bolt holes per pole.

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